Time-out Crisis

What do you do when your kid is misbehaving? … Put them in time-out, right? This is what one would think. If you read “Go to your Room!” you’ll understand why it is so hard to punish difficult kids and discipline them with tactics that are known to do the trick. I’ll give you an example: When the ‘go to your room’ punishment didn’t work, my Mom resorted to the put your kid in timeout in a neutral place in the house and the kid need to stay their for a number of minutes that matches their age. My mom would tell me to sit on the bottom step on the staircase for 4 minutes (because I was 4 years old) and I would get up when four minutes was up.


Basically, I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t get off the step. I would dance on the step and sing all my favorite songs on the step and I would make up my own songs. I found a lot of games to play on the time-out step. Eventually, my mom would say I could get off the step and I started answering, “no, I like the step!”

disciplining difficult kids who like their punishments…not an easy job.

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