“Go to your Room!”

We all know the old school punishment from parents “Go to your Room!” I think this was implemented into parent’s everyday discipline because parents wanted to brush the issue under the rug or into the kids bedroom so they could continue on with what they needed or wanted to get done in that moment. The kid(s) were interrupting or causing chaos, therefore, moving their chaos to another location fixed the problem. When I was little and I would either talk back, or continue to do something I was told not to do, my mom would tell me to go to my room for doing that specific action.

I was lucky enough as a young kid to have my own bedroom and not need to share a room with either of my siblings. We didn’t have a play room, just the family room – so all of my toys were…can you guess? They were in my bedroom. I had two closets – one fully of clothes and one full of all the toys a young girl could desire. When my “punishment was up” my mom would come up stairs and talk to me about what I did wrong and then tell me the punishment was over so I was able to come out of my room. Many times, I would stay in my room.

Finally, it came to a point my mom would tell me to go to my room and I would skip up the stairs and yell “okay! I love my room!” I can’t tell you if I yelled this words in spite of my punishment or if I really just loved my room, but whats’ not to love? I have everything a kid could ask for in there.


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  1. Hey Hannah it’s Mom….this brings back fond but frustrating memories. Your sister and brother could follow the rules but for you, my dear, we had to tweak the strategies daily. Once I found what worked, consistency and perservaence resonate with you.

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