Everyone Thinks They Have the Best Dog…

… and none of them are wrong.

Dad bought Mom a black lab when the first got married so when I was little, Max, was the best dog in the world. He would even put up with difficult little kid like me. We used to have two tables in the kitchen. 1 was the normal kitchen table and the other was our mini table for us kids. The mini table was covered in arts and crafts.

One of the ways I would play with max is I would take my crayons and stick them in his ears. He wouldn’t do much. He was pretty old at that point. Patti would look over at he and holler at me. “Hannah, take those out of Max’s ears!” She would say. I would explain that he liked it and he wanted to play. I would justify it.

I loved American girl dogs when I was little so I had a bunch of doll clothes. You can probably guess how I included Max in my doll playing. I would be in the kitchen near Max’s bed and be putting