When Mom Needs a Time-Out…

Who would have thunk Mom needed a time out sometimes. Now it’s not what you think. I never put Mom in a time-out… let me explain. I have two other siblings. I’m sure any Mom with more than one kid knows that it is hand full and can get very overwhelming at time. Let’s face it, you’re out numbered. We we’re active kids none-the-less. if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’d know, I was not an easy kid to tame. The story I am going to tell is one of those stories that you’re mom doesn’t tell you until you are older and mature enough understand why she did what she did.

This story, as told by Patti, happened on an average day. The kids (my siblings and I) were getting rambunctious and were misbehaving.┬áThere are always going to be times when the kids just won’t listen and it can become very frustrating. Kids are relentless. Sometimes, when Patti felt her frustrations getting the best of her, she would walk into the bathroom of her master bedroom, shut the door, and sit on the side of her tub and count down from ten while taking deep breaths. This would calm her down and then she would be able to handle the situation with a stronger will than just yelling at the kids and making matters even worse (yelling still happens but anyway…)

On this particular day, five-year-old Hannah (that’s me (-; in the pic above) was trying to get mom’s attention while the other kids were also vying for her full attention. Patti decided she needed a time out too cool off; so she started walking into her bedroom. Hannah followed her, repeatedly asking, “Mom, where are you going?” until Patti turned around at the doorway of the bathroom. Hannah was looking up at her waiting for her question to be answered. Patti slowly shut the door, sat on the edge of the bathtub, and took her 10 deep breaths to cool down. Patti stood up to open the door and walk back out to the family room where the kids were, but stopped because Hannah was still standing at the entrance, where Patti had left her. Hannah looked up at Patti with a suspicious look on her face and said in her five-year-old voice, “What were you doing in there? I did not hear you pee!”

Nothing gets by a five-year-olds.